Okinawa International Women’s Club Welcome Tea August 29th

Are you new in Okinawa and looking to make new friends? Have you been meaning to join Okinawa International Women’s Club but just never got around to doing so? Then mark your calendars, as this year’s Okinawa International Women’s Club Welcome Back Tea will be held on Wednesday, August 29th at the Rocker Enlisted Club […]

2018 Kadena Eisa Festival August 26th

It’s almost time for the Kadena Eisa Festival! The Kadena Eisa Festival will take place on Sunday, August 26th from 6:20- 10 pm on Shinmachi Street near Kadena Circle. Eisa is a traditional Okinawan dance that uses taiko drumming and chanting and is performed during Obon, a Buddhist holiday which honors the spirits of their […]