Castle in the Attic – Week 4

As William works to find his way into the castle, he has overcome some major obstacles already. But there is still one that he is going to have to figure out, defeating a wizard. Without Sir Simon by his side, he is afraid that he will not be able to succeed, dooming them all to […]

Anyone else (besides me) CRAZY excited for the new Beauty and the Beast movie?! I’m having to bribe my boys to go see it with me with a couple of yummy movie inspired desserts! These are super easy and super fun!! A running theme with my snacks. 😉 Remember the line in the song, “Try […]

I’ve been WAITING for this Christmas version of Nerdy Nibbles. I’m so excited guys. It’s time for HARRY POTTER! YAY! I’ve been planning what to do for months and then completely forgot that, hey, we’re PCSing across the country in December. Duh, Amber. So my wonderful Harry Potter plans had to be condensed. Boo. There […]

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe – Week 4

When the witch killed Aslan, she thought that she had the entire world back under her control. She had no idea just how wrong she was. What she did not know, is that the magic she relied on  was not as it should have been. Aslan was innocent, he was not a traitor. Therefore, the […]

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe – Week 3

Edmund has betrayed his siblings. He has told the witch where she might find them. Now as they rush through the cold night, he finds himself wishing he was back with his siblings. Peter, Susan and Lucy are on their way to the Stone Table to meet with Aslan. The Beavers are leading the children […]