The Sign of the Beaver – Week 3

Matt and Attean are still working through Robinson Crusoe and Matt is a little sad to see that they are coming to the end of the book. Attean is picking up more and more English words, while Matt is learning a few Indian words. While they are walking through the forest one day, they come across […]

‘Salem’s Lot – Week 2

Well.. we left off on a bit of a cliff hanger last time eh dear readers!? This week promises a full round of adventure, terror, and a little bit of the unknown… Ben Mears is back in town to write a book, but he finds himself drawn more and more to the Marsten House. Something […]

The Sign of the Beaver – Week 2

Matt is going to teach Attean how to read, but he has no idea how to even begin to teach him! It was obvious from his body language that he did not like the idea of being taught how to read, but seems resigned to at least follow his grandfathers wishes. As they work through […]

You know those little plastic cups filled with fruit? You know, FRUIT CUPS! Well, those little things are a STAPLE in our house! Not only do my kids LOVE them, but I love the pre-portioned size, and how easy they are for my kids to grab one for themselves for a self-sufficient snack. I don’t have to […]

Creating new adventures using the classics!

Kids are highly energetic, and anyone that can figure out how to siphon that extra energy out of them and give it to their parents…INSTANT BILLIONAIRE! But, until that day happens, parents are continually searching for ways to keep their kids busy, especially during the summer months. Without parking them in front of the television all […]