Black Hills – Week 1

Well, Dear Readers, it is time to dive into a new book! I have been sitting on this one for a while, waiting for a good time to dive in, and the beginning of summer seemed just the time to do it! So before we start, just a few things to bear in mind. For […]

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Week 1

Harry is home from Hogwarts for the summer, and he is miserable. The Dursley’s have kept Harry close to the house and will not allow him any access to any of his items from school, and his owl is not allowed out of her cage. None of his friends have written either, so Harry is […]

Let their imaginations soar..

… to great new heights! More often than not, kids have the most fantastic, and wildest imaginations possible! As we listen to their little stories, we often think, we should write that down. Most of us NEVER do! In short, we lose such great memories that we could look back to and smile upon. Social media […]

The Sign of the Beaver – Week 4

Matt and Attean have been building a tenuous friendship. While they are both learning from each other and discovering new things within themselves, it cannot last forever. Attean comes to Matt’s cabin one day, and invites him back to the village. His grandmother has invited Matt. She is surprised that he cared enough about Attean’s […]

‘Salem’s Lot – Week 4

Things are quickly heating up in ‘Salem’s Lot. The disappearances keep happening, and more and more shops are closing up around town. As the number rises, the small group continues to work on the issue at hand. With Father Callahan, they know that they can gather a little safety, as well as getting the ground […]