May Book Club Announcements!

Good Day Dear Readers! It is time to announce the new reads for the Book Club!! Can you believe that we are halfway through another month already!? Time flies when you are buried in a good book! Get ready to join us!! If you have not joined the book club yet, DO NOT DELAY!! It’s […]

The Blessing Way – Week 2

Joe Leaphorn is still investigating the mysterious death of Luis Horseman. Something about the way he died screams unnatural to him. But everyone he talks to pretends that they know nothing, or blame the mysterious Wolf  Man that has been rumored to be about. As he continues his investigation, he knows that it is going […]

The Enchantress Returns – Week 2

Alex and Conner are off on another crazy adventure! After tricking Mother Goose into giving up the story on why their mother may have been kidnapped, Alex runs off to grandmothers cottage to try and find a place to the Fairy Tale world. Conner discovers she is gone, and takes off after her, leaving Mother […]

Have fun at your local library!

Libraries can be so much fun! With the coming of summer, many parents begin to panic and try to figure out what they are going to do with their kids during the day. I have found that most local and post libraries have SOMETHING going every day. Keeping kids and parents happy is the way […]

National Library Week is HERE!!

I love libraries.. I love books.. heck, I love the SMELL of books! The libraries that we have today are slowly being forced to downsize, and some are even having to close and merge with other libraries! This leads to constant book shortages. Since the 1950s, there has been a trend of fewer and fewer […]