Black Hills – Week 4

Oh readers, what a treasure we have in store for this week’s reading! I think that I can say without a doubt that the section we are reading this week has been my favorite so far! I hope that ya’ll will enjoy it as well, and that you have enjoyed the book overall. I know […]

Black Hills – Week 3

Good morning dear readers! We are moving into the third section of our book! Hard to believe that we are almost finished with it! For those of you who wish to avoid a “steamy scene” please skip pages 191-195 (halfway down both pages). This way, you can enjoy the rest of the read, and finally […]

Black Hills – Week 2

Hello again readers! It is time to move into our next segment of reading! Hard to believe it has already been a week! But we are going to power through this read! So as before, if you want to miss some “interesting” scenes, I suggest skipping through Chapter 10. I am not sure why the […]