American Sniper – Week 3

What an adventure we are on this week! This is a non-stop, detailed account that keeps you on the edge of your seat! Chris Kyle does not mince his words when he comes to dealing with anyone. It is fair game for those who come into his cross-hairs. This week we have seen the rise […]

PCSing with Pets!

Now I know there is a lot of knowledge out there about PCSing with pets but I wanted to just drop a few reminders and tips about making the move with your furry friends easier. The last thing you want is to have to leave your pet behind because you didn’t have all your ducks […]

POW/MIA Recognition Day

On the third Friday of each September, we recognize those who have served our great nation but have not returned home. We take this time to honor those who have been classified as a Prisoner of War or Missing in Action.  September 18, 2015 all military installations fly the POW/MIA flag right beneath the American flag. […]

American Sniper – Week 1

Chris Kyle is one of the most celebrated heroes of our time, but he does not see himself as any better than anyone else. His story, American Sniper, takes us behind the scenes and into the action as though you are there. As we move through his early life, education and career choices, we start […]

New School After PCS…Her Story

                                                                  P.C.S, or Permanent Change of Station, happens more frequently to some rather than others.  In my case we have moved three times in […]