Creating new adventures using the classics!

Kids are highly energetic, and anyone that can figure out how to siphon that extra energy out of them and give it to their parents…INSTANT BILLIONAIRE! But, until that day happens, parents are continually¬†searching for ways to keep their kids busy, especially during the summer months. Without parking them in front of the television all […]

‘Salem’s Lot – Week 1

Jerusalem’s Lot or ‘Salem’s Lot as it has been come to be known is a town full of mystery and foreboding. There are several people who have simply vanished – some for the want of a better life and some… well, no one knows the reason for their disappearance. When Ben Mears comes back to […]

The Sign of the Beaver – Week 1

Matt is about to embark on an adventure that he is not sure he is ready for. His father has left him at their small cabin while he goes back to get Matt’s mother and sister. Matt is excited for the adventure, but he knows that he will have to be very responsible and careful. […]

The Blessing Way – Week 4

Joe Leaphorn is still following leads and trying to work out what the purpose behind the murder might be. Just when he thinks he might have a it all figured out, the evidence points him in another direction. As the questions start again, he begins to wonder what might have been the ultimate motive. What […]

The Blessing Way – Week 3

Dr. McKee knows something is not right. He has spent the entire night trying to evade the person looking for him. To top it all off, Ellen Leon is supposed to be arrived to talk to Dr. Canfield as well. He knows that he has to get to her and get them out of the […]