The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – Week 4

Edward has learned to love. But with love comes the responsibility of caring. That caring has led to heartache, but also fond memories. As he remembers the people that he realizes that he has come to care about, he is filled with a feeling that he has never felt before! All their faces float before […]

BE A HERO!! Donate your used books now!!

We all have THOSE books laying around. The ones that you are never going to read again, but you are not quite sure where to put them. has partnered with OPERATION PAPERBACK, which donates books to MILITARY overseas! How awesome is that!? Now here is a worthy cause to donate those books too!! You […]

A whimsical “Egg-Tastic” Easter Tree

Every Spring, when the flowers start peeking out, the birds are chirping before dawn and the sun stays out a little longer, and front porch sitting becomes my favorite past time, I feel the need to add a little Spring and Easter to my front porch…but what I don’t like…spending a lot of money to […]

One Second After – Week 1

Today we are all reliant on cell phones, computers, cars and more. Electronics surround every aspect of our daily lives. Televisions give us the news, our favorite shows and movies. Radio’s do not play a large portion of family life as they used to in the 1940s and 1950s. But what would happen if we […]