California Weaved BLT’s

Our family loves Friday night meal time. We love fun, fast, flavorful meals that have a crunch. It is perfectly ripe avocado season and the tomatoes are growing like wildfires on the vine, so this meal almost made itself. Thanks to my friend Jewel, the bacon is weaved so every bite gets bacon. There is […]

I dare you…

.. to challenge yourself to a summer of getting fit while reading! We are doing the Summer Reading Challenge for the kids, but adults… well, you get to read for the fun of it! The best part of it is, you can get into shape WHILE you read! Now, there are so many new and […]

Black Hills – Week 4

Oh readers, what a treasure we have in store for this week’s reading! I think that I can say without a doubt that the section we are reading this week has been my favorite so far! I hope that ya’ll will enjoy it as well, and that you have enjoyed the book overall. I know […]