The Enchantress Returns – Week 3

As the “Granny” nears its completion, the twins are getting excited for their adventure. They know its not going to be easy, but they are determined to get their mom back. As they try to figure out who they need to find and the items they are going to need to retrieve. Conner though is […]

The Blessing Way – Week 2

Joe Leaphorn is still investigating the mysterious death of Luis Horseman. Something about the way he died screams unnatural to him. But everyone he talks to pretends that they know nothing, or blame the mysterious Wolf ¬†Man that has been rumored to be about. As he continues his investigation, he knows that it is going […]

The Light Between Oceans – Week Three

Tom is living in a dream. He loves Lucy and Isabel, but he knows that it cannot go on forever. He has a constant fear of being found out, or the child recognized as resembling Hannah of her husband more than himself or Isabel.¬†Isabel refuses to entertain any thoughts of letting Hannah know where her […]

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Week 4

The trio is no closer as of yet to figuring out who Nicolas Flamel is, but they are still determined to find out. As they start looking through other avenues of finding him, Harry remembers something. He remembers the name being on the back of one of his collector cards. Now that the first mystery […]