You know those little plastic cups filled with fruit? You know, FRUIT CUPS! Well, those little things are a STAPLE in our house! Not only do my kids LOVE them, but I love the pre-portioned size, and how easy they are for my kids to grab one for themselves for a self-sufficient snack. I don’t have to […]

Creating new adventures using the classics!

Kids are highly energetic, and anyone that can figure out how to siphon that extra energy out of them and give it to their parents…INSTANT BILLIONAIRE! But, until that day happens, parents are continually searching for ways to keep their kids busy, especially during the summer months. Without parking them in front of the television all […]

Have you planned your summer reading yet!?

I love summer.. ANYTHING to do with summer! Being able to be outside, and enjoy time with my boys is always exciting, although sometimes the fighting gets on my nerves. As we move to the longer days and delights of summer fun, there is always one thing that seems to be forgotten.. READING! Every year […]

Have fun at your local library!

Libraries can be so much fun! With the coming of summer, many parents begin to panic and try to figure out what they are going to do with their kids during the day. I have found that most local and post libraries have SOMETHING going every day. Keeping kids and parents happy is the way […]

Black Bean Burger Panini Recipe #MeatlessMonday

Happy #MeatlessMonday to you! What is it about Summer and burgers? I think they go hand in hand like hot cocoa and winter right? I cook burgers often in the summer, it just works out that way. One of our favorite burger patties comes from Kellogg’s brand MorningStar Farms products! You guessed this the Black […]