Debunking the Myths – Part 3

Myth – My child won’t learn as well as he/she would in a traditional school. Reality – As a homeschooling parent, I have found that my children learn MORE when I engage them in things that they are interested in. When children are in a public school setting, its about the entire class, not the individual […]

3-Step DIY Marbled Stationery

My mama taught me that you always write a thank-you letter when someone gives you a gift, particularly if it is someone that you do not see very often. This wasn’t my favorite task as a child as I’d rather be playing with my new toys than practicing penmanship but I grew to enjoy it […]

Let their imaginations soar..

… to great new heights! More often than not, kids have the most fantastic, and wildest imaginations possible! As we listen to their little stories, we often think, we should write that down. Most of us NEVER do! In short, we lose such great memories that we could look back to and smile upon. Social media […]