Books on Review – Sons and Soldiers

If there is only one book that I can say that is a MUST READ for this year, here you have it. I sat down to read this book, planning on breaking it up over several days, and instead, I read the entire book in one sitting. I was entirely drawn into the story. I […]

Breeze through the August reads…

July is blowing through like a furnace here! It is a perfect opportunity to take some time in the afternoon and cool off while reading a great book!! I have loved the quiet bits of the afternoon when the kids are both reading, and time seems to slow down for a while. But of course, […]

Books on Review – Dunkirk

Oh my readers! What a fantastic book this was! I was not aware that it was to be made into a movie, (does that tell you that my movie choices revolve around kids?) but when reading this book, I could see where the idea was born, and what it meant when it said it was […]

The Memory of Us – Week 4

A terrible explosion, caused by a bomb is about to have a rippling effect far wider than Julianne could imagine. Losing her best friend to the explosion, and badly hurt, Julianne wakes up in the hospital, horribly burned and unsure of what the future holds. As she tries to figure out what to do, the […]

The Memory of Us – Week 3

Julianne has been forbidden to see Kyle by her parents, but that does not stop her. She is determined to forge ahead with the relationship, regardless of their rules. They do their best to sneak around for a while, but that wears on a couple after a while. Kyle does the honorable thing and goes […]