The Nightingale – Week 3

Vianne is seeing the changes that are going on around her. There is less food, clothing is hard to come by, and the people are more subdued. As the time moves forward, it seems as though most people have lost hope. The lives they had before are distant memories, and they are doing whatever they […]

The Nightingale – Week 2

Vianne is still living in her nightmare. She has no idea where her husband is, and she still has the German Captain living in her home. As they move through the days, the feelings of loneliness overtake her, and she fears for the future. Money is running out, and winter is coming. How will she […]

The Nightingale – Week 1

Hello dear readers! We are ready to dive into another adventure! Grab your book, your favorite snacks and lets dig in! Hold onto your hats, this journey is going to keep you on your toes! This week we are reading Chapters 1-9 Questions: Vianne and Isabelle were not close growing up. Should Vianne had made […]