Take A Bite Out of this Edible Playbook

Everyone always says that you can’t eat a book… Well now you can! Check out the steps below to creating your own Edible Play book!

With the big game approaching, we all start to wonder what in the world we are going to put on our tables for our guests. With this DELICIOUS Edible Play Book, you can wow your guests AND use your favorite colors!

Get ready for some family fun and creativity! The sky is the limit!


1.Two types of cookie dough (I used Gingerbread and Sugar Cookie to create a clipboard appearance)

2. Your favorite kind of frosting and food coloring (one large batch of frosting should be more than plenty).

3. An Oven and Cookie Sheets

4. Aluminum foil (optional)

5. Willing helpers (again this is optional) – I used the teenager down the street, otherwise known as the worlds best babysitter, Navaeh Kuhl, to help me with putting everything together and taking pictures.

6. FUN (this can be optional, but it is highly recommended!)

Now the fun stuff, CREATION:

FIRST: Get your cookie dough ready to go. I know ya’ll have some awesome family recipes that you can use for these.  After it has chilled and is ready to roll, lay out some aluminum foil if you want (it helps to keep the mess off your counter.

SECOND: Roll out your cookie dough to the thickness you want.  I left mind about 3/4 of an inch thick, as it will rise a bit as you are baking. I also shaped it into a square shape for baking.

THIRD: BAKE. At this point you are going to notice delicious smells emanating from your kitchen. It will draw husbands and children alike to the kitchen area to see what you are doing.

FOURTH: When your cookie dough comes out of the oven, let it set for just a couple of minutes to become firmer. Then, taking a knife, cut away the edges that have moved away from the square shape that you created and clean up the edges. Allow it to then continue to cool and firm.

FIFTH: While the cookie pieces are cooling, you can create your magic with the frosting. Add your coloring to get the desired colors. I used two separate colors for fun!

SIX: Move your cookie to your desired area. I used a large cookie sheet, which I can add other things around when we get ready to throw out the snacks. When you get your first cookie placed where you want it, add some frosting to the middle of the cookie. Then you can fix the second cookie on the top of that. This will help to hold it in place and keep it from sliding off as you are decorating. For the second cookie, I flipped the cookies and made the appearance of a book cover.

SEVEN: Now that you are ready to decorate, there are so many awesome plays that you can find on the internet and other places. For you die hard football fans, I am sure that you have favorite plays that you can use. I chose a random one from Pinterest to use.

EIGHT: Once you have decorated to your desire, you are now ready to fend off hungry children and spouses that might want to dig right in. You might have to find a handy hiding spot to put these delicious treats until the Big Game Day so that you can keep your lovely creation in tact.

From start to finish, this creation will take you roughly an hour and a half to do. Make sure that your treat table is the envy of your neighborhood! Spouses and children alike will love this tasty treat that you put together! Happy Baking and Eating!


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