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The Blessing Way – Week 2

Joe Leaphorn is still investigating the mysterious death of Luis Horseman. Something about the way he died screams unnatural to him. But everyone he talks to pretends that they know nothing, or blame the mysterious Wolf  Man that has been rumored to be about. As he continues his investigation, he knows that it is going to be slow.

Did Luis Horseman find something that he was not supposed to? Did he see something that he should not have? These are all questions that Leaphorn and his friend McKee have discussed. McKee is on his own investigation into the witch rumors that have been circulating around the reservation, but as he questions tribal members, he finds that most are very unwilling to give names or places where things were supposed to have happened. It was always, I heard from … who heard it from… and so on. Nothing seemed to be falling into place. As he berates himself silently for the hope that he might actually find something, he knows that he is going to delve even further into the rumors until he is satisfied that nothing is there to be found.

When he returns to camp one evening, he finds a note from his partner who accompanied him. But there is something wrong with it. The wrong name has been signed to the bottom of the note. While it bothers him, he shoves it into the back of his mind until one night, everything is forced to the front. During a storm, he hears a noise. Upon investigation, he sees the Wolf Man. He follows the direction of the man until he realizes that he is going straight to his camp. Upon hiding himself, he waits until he hears the man call out for him. He says his friend John needs help. But McKee is repeating the name of Jeremy in his mind. When the man finally leaves, McKee is going to have to make some hard decisions…

This week we are reading Chapters 7-11


  1. Joe Leaphorn is doing his best to follow through the investigation that is bugging him. But how can you solve a murder when no one is willing to talk?
  2. The Tsosie family is going through an old ritual to dispel a witch. Why do you think they went to such lengths when the witch was already supposedly dead?
  3. McKee is getting caught up into an investigation of his own, but when the rumors run out, he may have to rely on hard facts. Do you think the facts so far are more than he was gambling on?