The Count of Monte Cristo – Week Four

Well the circle has come to a full stop. The Count of Monte Cristo has determined to make his revenge known, and little by little, the men who had wronged him when he was young have fallen under his power. Danglars, Villefort, Caderousse, and more have fallen prey to the mysterious Count. As the numbers begin to pile and the sins atone for the past, so to do the innocent victims within the story. Curious enough we find that most of the “innocent” victims are players in the game themselves and not truly as innocent as they seem. Valentine alone appears to one of the players who has done no wrong.

Edmond Dantes has timed his revenge so perfectly, and the men unknowingly playing his game are falling into the trap with barely a thought. When things go wrong, they turn to the Count, although he has appeared as mysteriously as an angel in the night. One person alone seems to know his true identity, although she has done nothing to out him to any others. Mercedes alone was the one person that he was never able to fool, although she has said nothing of his past to anyone around her. The sphere of mystery has deepened, and the lives of the men playing are at his fingertips to dispose of as he will. Edmond has not gone for quiet revenge, he is determined to see them fall and face humiliation at their element, in front of witnesses. What will be the end result, and will the outcome be happy for those who are left or will there be mourning?


This week we are reading chapters 91-119


1. Why did Mercedes who knew the secret that the Count was keeping not say anything? Do you think she was hoping for a different outcome?

2. The sons and daughters of the men that Edmond is determined to ruin have been spared the humiliation as much as possible that their fathers endured? Why do you think he stayed his hand against them?

3. Edmond has done his best to make reparations to the son of the man who had given him such a chance when he was younger. He has given him riches beyond his imagination. Do you think that he was tired of the charade of being someone else and wished to live quietly?

4. Did you enjoy the read!?



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