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The Ghost of Cutler Creek – Week 3

Allie and Dub have attempted to make friends with LJ, but so far they have been unsuccessful. Allie wonders what is going on out at the Cutler Farm, but the hostile nature of LJ’s dad makes them wary of wanting to go back to try and visit again. However, she made a promise, so they approach the house cautiously, trying to see if Mr. Cutler is at home. When it seems he is not, they head toward the house, but are startled by LJ who has been sitting in the shadows watching them. While they try and make conversation, LJ seems very interested in Hoover, but they get no father than answering a few questions before Mr. Cutler returns home, and they sneak off before they are seen.

Allie and Dub know they need to try again, so they make plans to head back the next day and try and find out what is going on at the Cutler Farm. But before they get a chance to, Hoover goes missing. Allie is extremely upset. She has promised Mr. Henry that she would take very good care of Hoover, and feels as though she has failed. While she waits for her parents to arrive at the house, she searches again, hoping that Hoover is just hiding, but she knows that the dog is gone. The gate was open when she arrived, and she is sure that she latched it behind her when she left the night before. After her parents arrive and a police report is filed, she waits for Dub to show up and wait with her to see if Hoover comes home. But he surprises her with missing flyers that he has created to put up around town.

But Allie is certain that LJ knows what has happened to Hoover, and she shares her concern with the police officer that took the report. They decide to head out to the Cutler Farm to see what might be discovered….

This week we are reading Chapters 11-15


  1. Allie is still trying to figure out how Belle fits into the ghost story. What do you think she is trying to say?
  2. Dub and Allie have done their best to be friendly to LJ. Are you surprised they are wanting to go back?
  3. Mr. Cutler says that there are no dogs on the premises. Do you believe him?