The Last Kingdom – Week 4

Well, we are poised to finish out our grand adventure for the month, and what an adventure it has been! I enjoyed this book far more than I thought I would! It is my hope that each of you have enjoyed it as well! Now I have to find the next one so I can find out what will happen to Odda the Younger (nothing good, I would hope) and how Uhtred’s life unfolds. But enough of my ramblings…


Uhtred is now a prisoner of the Danes, given over by his king to serve as hostage. Unlike the other hostages, Uhtred is welcomed as family by Ragnar the Younger, and feels more at home there than he has in a while. As the truce holds over winter, and the time toward Spring nears, Uhtred knows it is just a matter of time before the fighting begins again. When he is awoken one morning early and pulled outside with all the other hostages, he is unsure for a moment what is going on. But realization quickly dawns as the order is given to kill all hostages. Ragnar the Younger quickly steps forward and refuses to let Uhtred be killed, and for a moment, his life hangs on the tip of a sword as Guthrum sways between Ragnar and Uhtred. But the respect held for Ragnar holds, and Uhtred is spared his life. Ragnar takes him to an island off the coast where he is dropped. While they are technically enemies, they will forever regard each other as family.

Returning to his home, he finds that his wife and son are gone, taken by Odda the Younger. Uhtred wants her back, and as he travels to the where Odda is reported to be staying, his anger burns. But with war on the horizon, there is more to consider than just his family. As the Danes and Saxons prepare for war, Uhtred wonders about Ragnar the Younger and Brida. He still hopes that they were not among the ships that were caught in the gale and smashed on the rocks on the English coast, but there has been no word of either of them. As they face down the Dane army at the bottom of the hill, Uhtred knows that there is a slim chance of victory, but it will involve some huge risks, but the risk just may save them all…

This week we are reading Chapters 10-11


  1. Why do you think Uhtred was given over as a hostage to the Danes, given his history with them?
  2. Ubba is a strong believer in the runes. Was it wise of Uhtred to use this against him?
  3. How will Uhtred’s anger help or hurt in the future?