The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Week 3

The League of Pensioners is stunned to learned that they will not be put into the same prison. They thought they would be sent to a prison where they could spend their time together, and laugh about the crime committed, before being released to go back and get their money. As they adjust to their new surroundings, Martha is beset by feelings of guilt, since it is she who got them into the mess. However, her brain is soon turning over ways to commit new robberies, and through a clergyman, she and Brains have been able to pass little notes back and forth to each other.

Brains has not discounted finding new robberies either, and he is ready to find one where they actually do not commit the crime themselves, but can still reap the rewards. It will take a little doing, but he is looking forward to being reunited with Martha so they can plan out the next phase of the crime.

As they are moved to their new prisons, and their time beings to tick by, Martha and the girls are located at the same one. They can spend some time together each day, and they do their best to remain optomistic. There is a small fly in the ointment though, and that is Liza. She is determined to find the paintings while she is on temporary release and get the money for herself. She has done everything she can to get Martha to talk about the crime, but Martha refuses to give her much, realizing to late that she gave away more than intended. When Liza finally gets her temporary release, she disappears, and Martha is afraid that she might figure out where the paintings are. But how could she?

This week we are reading Chapters 38-56


  1. Do you think the pensioners would have been better off taking their money and leaving the country before confessing?
  2. The missing money is right where the Pensioners could find it when they return to the retirement home. But do you think Nurse Barbara might get nosy first?
  3. With their time in prison being more pleasant than they thought, do you think there will be more prison time for the pensioners, or will be they make a grand escape?