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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – Week 4

Edward has learned to love. But with love comes the responsibility of caring. That caring has led to heartache, but also fond memories. As he remembers the people that he realizes that he has come to care about, he is filled with a feeling that he has never felt before! All their faces float before him.

As he sits in the shop of the doll mender, he decides that he is never going to care again. Edward does not care if anyone ever comes for him or not. He is done loving and caring about people.  In the doll menders shop, as he is being fixed up, Lucius Clarke tells him how bad off of he was when he came to his shop. Bryce brought him in and made the choice to leave him with the doll mender. As he sits next to one doll, he remembers how he dislikes them, but then one comes along which makes him change his mind.

The old doll makes the comment that she is disappointed in Edward’s choice to not care if he is ever taken out of the store or not. One day someone comes in and takes the doll home, but her words stay with Edward. After several years have gone by, he realizes that he DOES care! But it is hard to hope when he has been there so long! One day as he is dreaming of that hope, someone walks through the door and changes his life yet again! As she stares at him, he realizes that she is wearing something around her neck which seems strangely familiar…

This week we are reading Chapters 22-Coda


  1. Edward has not forgotten the names of those who cared for him through all the years. But he still seems to get stuck in his own world. Do you think Pellegrina told the story for Edward and not Abilene?
  2. Why is the doll disappointed with Edward?
  3. Edward is surprised one day in the shop when someone he loved once walks in. Do you think then that the story Pellegrina told was realized in full?