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The Return of the Indian – Week 4

Oh kids, we have an exciting adventure this week, and its going to keep you on the edge of your seat! Get ready for some nail-biting, hair raising shenanigans! Grab your books and lets go!

Omri and Patrick have been given a wild idea from Boone. Is it the key or the cupboard that actually causes the magic to happen?? While they contemplate the attempt to try, Omri wonders about the consequences. But the thrill of adventure and knowing first hand what is going on outweighs the risks. So the chest that Omri has in his room is cleaned out and Patrick climbs in with the platform holding the tepee. Omri closes and locks the chest, sending his friend back to the time of Little Bear and the war raging there. After a few minutes he reopens the chest, bringing his friend back. When it is his turn, he climbs in, feeling somewhat guilty, knowing that Bright Star has had her baby. But he needs to see for himself.

When he gets to the time of Little Bear, he is a part of the teepee. He can see, hear and smell what is going on around him, but he cannot say a word. Boone comes out of the tent for a moment, then dives back inside. While the women of the village head toward cover to get away before their invaders return that night. Little Bear and his men are hiding in the woods, waiting for the others to return, so they can take them by surprise. As the attack begins anew, there is anger that everyone has fled. Fires are started and the village is burning. Little Bear and his men swoop down on the village, but the fires are beginning to burn out of control. The tepee that Omri is a part of has caught fire, and Boone is still hiding inside. While he attempts to put the fire out, he is also concerned about staying alive, He is able to pick off a few from his cover within the tepee, but then all the sudden, the tepee is on its side, and Boone is laying on top of where Omri is. Desperately he wonders where Patrick is and why he has not brought him back yet. Omri begins to wonder what in the world is going to happen, but there is one more adventure waiting, and it will take place in Omri’s own home!

This week we are reading Chapters 17- Epilogue by Fire


  1. What do you think of the decision the boys made to visit the village of Little Bear and Bright Star?
  2. How will Omri explain his wounds to his mother?
  3. When thieves break into the house, should the boys have sought help or where the little people the perfect idea?
  4. Did you enjoy the book?