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The Silver Crown – Week 3

As our adventure continues, Otto and Ellen are fixing to begin some of their biggest challenges yet!


Ellen and Otto are moving along, trying to work their way toward Aunt Sarah’s house. As they come to a huge crevice in the ground, they realize that they are going to have to go through it rather than around it. While they are working their way down the side, Ellen falls, re-injuring her ankle. They have to carefully weigh their options, as food is running low, and they need to make their destination before they are discovered. With their food supplies getting smaller and smaller, Otto begins to go out hunting. They must have food to survive. When he comes back one day and tells her about the fortress he has discovered, she is alarmed. The people inside are wearing the same clothing that they have seen on the men that tried to capture them, and it is not to far away.

One day when Otto goes hunting, he does not come back. Ellen is starting to get worried, , and figures that he has been captured. After a while, she sets out to find him, and see if she can rescue him. As she draws closer to the gate of the fortress, she can see that is locked. When a car comes back to the fortress with children on it, Ellen makes a quick decision and jumps in line with them, so as to get inside. As she walks behind the other children, she wonders what in the world is going on, and how it is that they know where they are supposed to be going. As the work through the hallways, changing their clothing, and finally eating – all Ellen has are more questions. After she is discovered and contained in a small room, she gets her first visitor. Another prisoner, who has a little more freedom, and can give her some idea of what is going on around them. But none of the explanations make much sense to Ellen, and she is determined to find a way to escape….

This week we are reading Chapters 17-24


  1. Should the children have known something was wrong when Richard disappeared?
  2. Was Ellen wise to sneak into the fortress?
  3. Why do you think Jenny is being so helpful to Ellen?