The Silver Crown – Week 4

Alright kids, we are about to wrap up our exciting adventure! There are still a few twists and turns to be navigated through before we reach the end…


Ellen is to see the king. She is not really sure what to expect, but she feels quite a bit of apprehension. As she visits with the king, he shows her around. Ellen has managed to turn the entire complex¬† upside down. She is not “in tune” like the others, and none of the processes that usually work with others are working with her. The king is very interested in her, and what keeps her apart from the others. But as they work through the different rooms and the classes that are going on, Ellen feels her unease rise. As she sees the plans that the Hieronymus Machine will unfold on the world, her alarm rises. She knows that she has to stop them, but the question remains as to how she will pull this off.

With the secret of her identity out, she is once again a prisoner, even more closely guarded than before. Jenny continues to talk to her, and their plans for escape are going ahead. There is now a guard stationed at the end of the hall, but they know they can get out somehow. Otto comes to her aid, and with his help, they sneak out of the complex. But things are not as they appear, and it seems that Otto, although wanting to help Ellen, is still under the power of the machine. Having made it to the cave and retrieved the crown, Ellen realizes that she has been tricked, and that they have been followed. Otto is ashamed, but Jenny is the one that surprises them all. Taking the crown, she runs off, disappearing into the forest. Otto and Ellen are returned to the complex, along with Captain Julio as prisoners. The king is very angry, and there seems to be no means of escape this time. Just when all seems lost, a quick turn of events will put the entire plan of the king upside down….

Will Aunt Sarah be able to find Ellen before its to late?

This week, we are reading Chapters 25-32


  1. What do you think of the Hieronymus Machine?
  2. Did the king give to much away when he talked to Ellen? Why?
  3. What do you think of the crowns and the power they hold?