Tour de Benning April 21st

Join the Fort Benning Community Youth Services for this awesome event!

On April 21, the Fort Benning CYS will be hosting Tour de Benning from 9am-noon for ages 5 years and older. The bike ride will start at Blue Field on Main Post. Parents are encouraged to participate along with their child/children. Participants will choose between a one-mile, three-mile, or five-mile route, all secured. There will be various activities to include games, inflatable bounce houses, food vendors and prizes. All participants must be registered at Parent Central (706-545-2079) prior to the event.  Registration can be at, or at building 1056. For more information, call 706-545-3582.

This event allows adventure, exploration, and a chance to enjoy nature for both kids and adults. Not to mention, the quality time spent with parents and children is invaluable. Gear up for this event, and ride on over to the CYS and Blue Field and have a wonderful time!