Trumpet of the Swan – Week 3

Have you ever seen a Swan hold a job!? Louis worked through the summer as a camp counselor. While he was there, it was his job to wake up the boys at the camp with his trumpet, and then to put them to bed at night with Taps. During the summer, one of the boys was made fun of, and went out on the lake alone. He almost drowned, but Louis saved his life. A man from Washington even gave him a medal! Now he is headed to Boston to get a job!!

The man who gave Louis a job put him up at the Ritz hotel. Can you imagine a bird spending the night in a hotel?
This week we are reading Chapters 11-15.
1. Louis feels responsible for his father’s debt since he stole the trumpet for Louis to use. Do you think Louis is doing the right thing by trying to repay the money for the trumpet?
2. The boy who Louis saved did not like birds. Louis saved him anyway. Was that a brave thing to do?
3. When the summer is over, Louis heads to Boston to find a new job. Do you think Louis should have told his family where he was headed?
4. What do you think Louis will do next?

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