Veterans Day

Veterans Day is about honoring and celebrating our living Veterans. I come from a long line of Military Service Members. My oldest is in the Army and is currently deployed. Today is day that I not only think about my family’s Veterans, but I also think about all the other families and their Veterans.

Without our brave and selfless Military Service Members as well as their families, we could not enjoy many of the liberties that all too often we don’t really think about. We are so use to having them, that we may forget that not everyone enjoys these same liberties and freedoms. I would not want to even imagine what that must be like. Could you imagine living in a world where you could not do simple things like you do every day? Would you want to live in an environment where you couldn’t do and say things for fear of what might happen to you or your family? I know I wouldn’t want to live life in any manner of that sort.

I say thank you to all our Veterans, those who are prior service, retired and to those who are still currently serving our country. I am grateful for each and every single one of our Veterans and I am appreciative of each and every one of their family members who support them, so that they can do they do. Without our Veterans and their families, we could not be where we are today and we could not speak our minds as freely as we do. While I may not always agree with some of the views that are expressed by a few of my fellow countrymen and vise-versa they with me, I do recognize our individual liberties that give us the ability to speak our minds. I wish that everyone in our country did as well and that we all could use our freedom wisely to include when we speak our minds, as well that we could all recognize where our liberties come from and how our freedoms are protected in addition as to whom are the defenders of them.