Wizarding World of Jax February 24th

Are you a Harry Potter fan? This event is for YOU!

The Wizarding World of Jax will take place on February 24th from 6:00pm-9:00pm at the River Cove Catering & Conference Center.

This event is open to all wizards and muggles 13 and up! The Great Hall will open at 5:00pm and the sorting will commence at 6:00pm.

You may purchase tickets at the Tickets and Travel Office for only $20 which includes entrance into the Great Hall, heavy hors d’oeuvres, refreshments, house sorting, wizard duels, a potion contest and more. Costumes are encouraged!!

The evening is comprised of three types of activities to keep everything moving:
– Four “staged” acts for the entire gathering to watch at the same time, with the acts occurring roughly every 30 minutes.
– Three or four competitive Wizarding World games, all leading up to an awards ceremony for the House Cup!
– Interactions and stations where the guests get to make something to take away or have unique interactions with Wizarding World-esque characters.

Each interaction or game a guest participates in will earn them tokens toward the house he or she was sorted into at the beginning of the night.

May the best house win the Cup!

For more information, please call the Tickets and Travel Office 904-542-3318 or check out the Facebook event page HERE!