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Yogurt Drops

My kids complain constantly about being bored with breakfast. I have been searching for some thing that we can do other than cold cereal and pancakes. I love pancakes – but we are getting into the warmer days, which means I need to up my game and figure out something else for them. I was browsing some different recipes and found one for Yogurt Drops, which was one the featured recipes on Sweet Peas & ABC’s, and I fell in love! When you find something really easy to make, that you know your family will enjoy, you have to keep these recipes! These are perfect for babies who are teething as well! Perfect for  snacks on the go, add to your oatmeal or cereal, OR even use for toppings on your pancakes! I found something more than just breakfast – I found the perfect summer treat!

Love the on-the-go snacks? We are constantly on the move, and these are perfect! Simply freeze and go! This recipe is so easy to make that kids can help put their own creative touch on their snack! Place the dots, or let them draw a picture to eat later – kitchen fun with kids is always an adventure.

Here is what you need:

  • 1 carton of your favorite yogurt – I used a small carton of Yoplait Peach yogurt and Cherry yogurt
  • small pan to put drops of yogurt on


  1. Put yogurt into baggie, and snip a small piece of the corner off
  2. Cover bottom of the pan with wax or parchment paper.
  3. Place yogurt drops onto pan
  4. Place the pan into freezer for anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours
  5. Pull desired amount off pan (replace remaining drops  into the freezer)
  6. Mix with fruit or serve as is!
  7. ENJOY!!

SOO easy! My boys love peach yogurt, but they loved it even more when I mixed some fresh blueberries into the bowl! Delicious and healthy! Babies who are teething will love these small drops of cool frozen yogurt. This frozen delight is a super treat sure to delight anyone The frozen yogurt will melt quickly in the mouth, alleviating any concern for choking. The drops can be made in any size – small or large!  The mixture of frozen and fresh fruit gave a delightful texture and the flavors that dance across the taste buds are amazing! So many fruit and yogurt options! How will you dress up your yogurt drops? Share your mixtures with us!