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Anxiety Strikes Back

Well, after 3 months of Zion doing so well with the coronavirus issue he has finally broke. Zion has very high anxiety and at times he gets fixated on things or issues. Last month around Memorial Day we had to drive home in a huge, powerful thunderstorm and Zion had a complete meltdown in the back seat. I believe I wrote about this previously. Well since that day, even a drizzle freaks him out and he will constantly ask us questions like “it is not going to storm right? How long is it going to rain? A little bit of rain won’t cause flooding right? As long as it isn’t thundering and lighting it isn’t going to storm right?” and honestly I can see the fear in his eyes and the anxiety building in his body. So now the coronavirus has caused him the same panic.

See here in San Antonio the cases are rising and it is getting worse. We have stopped taking the kids to the stores again and have started staying more inside of our house. When we do go out Zion does tolerate a mask for a while and he understands how this virus can be spread. Remember, Zion is extremely intelligent, so he is highly capable of comprehending everything going on around him. I think that is why he ask so many questions. However, his question asking also raises his fears. He has told me he doesn’t want to give me a kiss because he is afraid he can spread the coronavirus, and that absolutely breaks my heart. He has been asking us questions about what happens when his dad and I are gone and how long are we going to live for. Why is my almost 7 year old asking me these things? Is this everyday 7 yr old questions?

Speaking of almost 7 years old.. Zion’s birthday is July 5th!! I cannot believe he is going to be 7. The growth that he has made since entering ECI and Special Education Services 4yrs ago has been absolutely amazing. Four years ago I could not understand anything my son was saying to me, and now we have full on conversations about topics that he knows more about than I do! He has been really into outer space lately. I feel like as he gets older he may go the marine biologist or the astronomer path. It is a toss up at this point. He loves space and he loves sea animals. Either way, Zion is pretty amazing!

Thank you so much for reading. I don’t have very many pictures this month because we haven’t really been able to do anything. Hopefully I can get some pics of him celebrating his big day, even though it’s just here at home with us.