Moving During a Pandemic

This Pandemic is affecting EVERYONE in the world in many different ways and military families are no exception.

Many military families are worried about the same things as civilian families:

Staying safe

Staying healthy

And wondering when life will or ever truly get back to normal.

Oh and then there’s MOVING…many military families are still due to PCS this summer.

As if Moving isn’t stressful enough, but adding a global pandemic to the mix can take things up to the next level emotionally, physically and financially. While most moves have been put on hold and pushed back, there are many who are still essential and have to move as planned.

Fortunately, my family and I are not due to PCS this summer, but many of my friends are and here are a few of the struggles they are facing:

Housing– if not on base housing you have have to worry about renting, buying or selling during this time…STRESSFUL!

Driving Cross Country– Many states are in different phases of reopening, so now military families are having to strategize the best ways to get from point A to point B. All while figuring out where to stay over night and the best places to stop during the way, all while trying to staying safe.

Goodbyes– Probably one of the hardest things emotionally…Not being able to say goodbye to friends who have become family. Because many who are moving cannot risk being exposed and have to stay healthy to move, finding themselves unable to say proper goodbyes or have hail and farewells.

Getting adjusted–  How are families supposed to settle in and meet people in the middle of this pandemic, with some having to be “quarantined” once they arrive?  Not to mention schools may look very different this fall…making it harder for our kids to meet new friends.

While I am thankful these are things I do not have to worry about this year, my heart goes out (seriously, I had anxiety while writing this) to all those military families who find themselves in this predicament.

How is the Pandemic affecting your family? Are you still set to move? What are the stressors you are facing?  We want to hear your stories.