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Disabled Veterans May Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

Are you a disabled veteran, who is on  VA disability?  Did you know you may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, too?

Eric Minghella, reached out  to share how you may qualify:


How To Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits At The Same Time As VA Disability

If you are a disabled veteran who cannot work and earn a living because of medical problems, you may qualify for both Social Security Disability and VA Disability. It is not uncommon for disabled veterans to have disability claims actively going with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and Veterans Administration (VA) at the same time.

Both programs are run by government agencies, but both have different application processes and different approval requirements. You need to understand how the approval process works and have all the supporting documentation and evidence in order to ensure your claims get aa fair review.

The Differences Between Social Security Disability And VA Disability

VA disability benefits, also referred to as service-connected disability compensation, is not needs-based, so financial criteria do not play a role. However, to qualify for VA disability, your disabilities must be related to your military service. You do not have to be fully disabled to qualify for VA disability. To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you must be totally and fully disabled, and your medical conditions do not have to be service connected.

When your VA disability claim is reviewed, they will only review your service-related injuries or illnesses. Any other medical conditions that are not related to your military service, such as diabetes or heart disease. When your Social Security Disability claim is reviewed, they will consider all your conditions, both those connected to your military service and those that have nothing to do with your time in the military.

The VA will review your military disabilities and then give you a compensability rating. You can receive monthly disability benefits with a rating as low as 10 percent. When your Social Security claim is reviewed, they will take all your conditions into consideration, and you must be fully disabled and your disability must be expected to last a year or longer or end in death for you to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

Having your Social Security Disability claim approved does not necessarily affect your VA claim, but the VA is required to take Social Security records into consideration. You need to make sure you have all your records easily accessible and that your claim forms are completed accurately and in detail.

The Application Process

If you are a disabled veteran, you will want to get your claims underway for VA disability benefits as well as for Social Security Disability. To start your VA disability claim, you can file online on the VA’s website or you can file by mail by completing the Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits and returning it by mail to the Claim Intake Center.

To apply for Social Security Disability, go you can apply online or call ahead to your local SSA office to schedule an appointment to come in. Having hard medical evidence is essential to the success of any disability claim. Make sure you gather all the supporting evidence and documentation that you can to get your claim on track. Once you send in your initial application, it usually takes between three and five months to hear back from the SSA regarding your claim.


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