BOOOOOOOOO!! BOOOOOOOOOO!!! Who else is a ghost this halloween!? No ghosts out there? It’s ok! Fill up your kitchen with some spooky little guys! Prepping for a Halloween party or simply making the kids a ghostly after school treat. Wait for the kids to come home after school to help on this one! I love […]

It’s cold season folks!! That’s right, the weather has shifted, we are beginning to get a bit chillier, and what does that mean for a lot of us?? COLD and FLU season. BUT WAIT! The holidays are coming up! That is the worst, to be sick especially during the holidays. My favorite is Christmas but […]

Who doesn’t love a delicious smoothie!? I know I do! Mornings are busy, and there are times that I need to drink my breakfast, rather than sitting down to something to eat. However, coffee does not always cover those hangry pangs in the morning. Yes, I said hangry. If you do not get a decent […]

Fall is arriving, and the time to heal our skin is about to arrive. Summer is always fun, but the sun really takes a toll on our skin. It can leave our skin feeling dried out, rough, and non-glowing. But now that fall is here, the cooler temps allow us some time to regain the […]