How are you all doing this holiday season? Stretched so thin trying to take care of everyone and anything on top of making sure you have everyone on your Holiday list bought for? Yup, I understand and right there with you! This week we sold our TV, we were gifted one and just no need […]

Happy Holidays, MMS Fans!! The holidays bring lots and lots of baking, and lots of happy faces. This particular recipe is PERFECT for the kids in your life! Help them enjoy the magic of the holidays while satisfying their sweet tooth! Set these out on your holiday tables as a yummy dessert to top off […]

The holidays are upon us! Each holiday season, I love to bake, and my 5 year old loves to help whenever she can! When you have young kids, sometimes you look for simple and fun recipes that they will enjoy! I was SO excited when I stumbled across this quick, fun, and creative NABISCO recipe! […]

Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program

Remember the commercial “Leggo my Eggo” ? That’s a pretty accurate picture of my family  when we realize there’s one Eggo left!  Needless to say, Kellogg’s products are a staple in my home! My family can’t live without their Eggos and Pop-Tarts (and as for myself, I’m all about the Cheez-It’s 🙂 ) One thing I love […]

Cold weather has officially set in, and so, unfortunately, has the cold and flu season. I have never seen so many miserable people! The past two weeks alone, we have seen numerous friends and family drop out of sight for a few days, only to resurface after suffering from the flu. I thought that we had […]

Date Nut Bread with Coca-Cola

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the fresh air, cool weather, and of course the amazing food! Since fall is here, I decided to make one of my favorite bread recipes, Date Nut Bread with Coca-Cola. This delicious bread is perfect for an after dinner dessert, a breakfast bread, or honestly just […]

Generally in South Texas fall means a cooler summer. However, lately, old man winter has snuck up a little early and gave my skin a beating. Winter is so rough on my skin. In fact, it is harsh on this households skin in general. So in this household, we need a lotion that can’t keep […]

Amping Up My Stocking Stuffing Game

I don’t know about you, but I love stuffing my family’s Christmas stockings with an assortment of fun candy and silly gifts. This year I decided to amp up my stocking stuffer “stuffing” by including some everyday essentials I know they can actually use and need. My husband spends so much time out in the […]