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Happy Father’s Day Grill Guardians!

In the United States, the third Sunday is June is Father’s Day. We want to celebrate and give a big shoutout to all the dads out there! To prepare for the big celebration, make sure you stock up on all your essentials from your local Commissary to help your special GRILL SERGEANT during his next GRILL RECON.

I remember one time when I was younger, watching my father grill burgers. When the burgers were ready, he handed me one and told me it is going to be the best burger I will ever have! He was right and that GRILL CAPTAIN is still the best GRILLMASTER and dad a girl could ever want!

I don’t know about you, but before any barbecue I attend, I tell myself that I’ll eat healthy and stick to just the salads. However, once I make my plate, I look down and realize that my plan took a turn for the WURST. It may be a simple hot dog, a tasty burger, a well-done brat, or even a delicious steak, but I just can’t resist any freshly grilled meat from the Commissary!

We know that most GRILLMEN out there are eager to show their skills over the open flame, so let them RELISH in all of their grilling glory! No matter if you are celebrating GRILL GUARDIAN, GRILL MARINER, or MAJOR GRILLER, make sure you grab all your Father’s Day necessities from your local Commissary today. Let’s face it, we think dads are a pretty big DILL! Wishing all of the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!

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