Lubriderm Lotion

Winter is still on-going, and your skin can take a hit with the weather. Cold and dry weather can really dry your skin out. If you are not moisturizing regularly, the potential for dry and itchy skin is a possibility. This year, beat the winter itch with Lubriderm! The vast line of Lubriderm means that […]

Finlandia Red Drop

Welcome to the new year! Why not start off this year with a fabulous celebration of things to come? This year holds a lot of promise, and there are so many reasons that we can be thankful for another year of plenty. It can feel at times as though there is not much cause for […]

Financial Planning

Get your financial planning in order for those who have disabilities. Long-term planning helps to ensure that funds are available to the individual as long as needed. Come and join this workshop to learn how to put financial planning in place! Date: Jan 23 2019, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. Location: Ruggles Golf Course Club House, Bldg 5600 Cost: Free* Open […]