We have all been there before. That time where we need a break from our everyday life and a time to just unwind and relax, while others just want to get away from the “military towns”. Some people think that California is all about NOT RELAXING, that you always have to be on the move […]

Everywhere worldwide there are tons of Homeless Animals in the Shelters, whom are still waiting on their forever homes! Do you like to play with animals and simply love on them? Now is your chance to do so! The Friends of Cumberland County Animal Shelter is looking for volunteers! The volunteers are needed to help exercise […]

Penguins! Who doesn’t love Penguins – especially with that adorable waddle! A fun fact about Penguins: Penguins give rocks to show their love/appreciation to each other! Are you looking for something fun to do with your preschooler next week? The Eva L Hansen Learning Library offers Story and Art Time! This week the them is […]