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Month of the Military Child


Every April, MyMilitarySavings.com supports and celebrates Military Children and their parents during the Month of the Military Child. Most of us on this side of the screen are affiliated with the military in some way, shape, or form and have children who are living the military lifestyle.

I am a military spouse with four beautiful kids who are growing up way differently than I have. They are all under 9 years old and have lived in five different states. It’s crazy to think I never even left my home state until I was 27 years old, and they were halfway around the world before they were 5!

This month, we honor the sacrifices these kids have made, most without even knowing they have sacrificed anything at all.

Would you like to hear a little about some of the kids of the MMS creators? Check out these awesome kiddos:

Kristyn’s Children’s Favorite Snacks:

Anabelle (9 years-old): “I’d say… Oreo Cakesters! Or ice cream…It’s hard to choose.”

Bubba (8-years-old): “Sour Warheads are my favorite snack ever!”

Tricia (5-years-old): “My favorite snack is Watermelon.”

Helena (2-yrs-old): “I love Mac n’ Cheese!”


Artwork courtesy of Jack (4-years-old)


Being a military family can be an amazing and yet, totally challenging experience. Our kiddos have to be so resilient for all of the opportunities that the military may place upon us as a family.  However, we have to stay together and connected as a family! It takes a lot of work to make it along this journey, but it can be totally worth it!

This picture is from quite some time ago, but I think it is a great representation for the Month of the Military Child! Life may look a little different for these kiddos, but we are here for them…always!


Kate asked her two kids their favorite and least favorite things about being a military child.

What’s your favorite thing about being a military child?

My oldest:
Seeing new places everywhere we move my favorite place has been London.

My youngest:
Getting to make new friends and live in new houses

What’s your least favorite thing?

My oldest:
Having to leave friends and make new ones

My youngest:
Leaving friends behind.