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The Perfect March Madness Snack Boards

March is upon us and you know what that means…March Madness refers to the championship tournaments for NCAA Division where all teams are placed within a “bracket,” in which they face off against an opponent in a single-elimination game.

If you have never attended or hosted a watch party; I have to tell you it’s SO much fun. There are games, trivia and of course great food. I’m so excited to share with you two recipes that will please any crowd. One is the perfect mix of finger foods and the second will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Are you Snack Bracket Ready?

You will surely enjoy watching the game with these great snack boards and what’s even better is that you can find all the ingredients at your local commissary. Be sure to check out these recipes and many other great recipes from Nabisco by visiting: https://www.mymilitarysavings.com/brands/nabisco/recipes

Easy Slam Dunk Snacking Board

A snack board doesn’t have to just be charcuterie. Enjoy this mix of fun spreads and dip
with fruit, veggies, crackers and nuts when entertaining friends for a big game.

Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 15 min Makes 6 servings.

Herb cheese spread, cheddar cheese spread and prepared spinach dip
RITZ Toasted Chips Original
WHEAT THINS Original Snacks
Seedless green and red grapes
Orange, red and yellow pepper strips
Mixed nuts


Place cheese spreads and dip on a large board or platter. Add RITZ Chips and WHEAT
THINS to board. Fill in empty spaces on board with fruit, vegetables and a small bowl of
nuts. Serve additional WHEAT THINS and RITZ Chips in bowls or baskets next to the

Cheese spread and dip boards can be prepared for any number of servings, depending
on the size of the gathering. Use a guideline of 2 Tbsp. cheese spread or dip, and 1 oz.
of chips or snacks per person. For a well-balanced board, fill in empty spaces on board
with fruit and cut-up fresh veggies. For the 6 servings shown here, figure on purchasing
a total of 3/4 cup of spreads and dip. Have plenty of RITZ Toasted Chips and WHEAT
THINS Snacks available for guests to choose from along with the fruit and veggies.


Make it Simple
Prepared dips and spreads can be purchased from your supermarket. For added
convenience, look for pre-cut vegetables in the refrigerated produce section of your

Vary the Fruits and Vegetables
Choose fruits that are in season and have complementary flavors and shapes, such as
clusters of grapes, sliced crisp apples and soft berries. An assortment of vegetables
adds both interest and crunch.

Final Buzzer Dessert Board

Don’t forget dessert when you’re prepping food for a big game! Make this fun platter of
delicious sweet bites of cookies and fruit ahead of the game and enjoy your guests!

Prep Time: 10 min Total Time: 10 min Makes 4 servings.

OREO Cookies
Fresh strawberries and raspberries
Chocolate pudding snacks
Vanilla low-fat Greek-style yogurt topped with fruit spread
Multi-colored sprinkles


Place cookies and berries on a large board or platter. Fill small bowls with the pudding,
yogurt and sprinkles, then place on the board.

Cookie and fruit boards can be prepared for any number of servings, depending on the
size of the gathering. Use a guideline of 1 oz. cookies and 2 Tbsp. pudding or yogurt
per person. For the 4 servings shown here, you will need 6 EACH OREO and CHIPS
AHOY! Cookies, and 1/4 cup EACH pudding and yogurt, as well as a small amount of
sprinkles. Have plenty of additional fresh berries for the guests to satisfy their sweet
tooths without overindulging.


Strawberry Basketballs
A few strawberries can be decorated to resemble basketballs. Dip strawberries into
melted semi-sweet baking chocolate. Place on parchment-covered rimmed baking
sheet. Refrigerate 15 min. or until chocolate is firm. Use orange decorating icing to
draw seams on basketballs. Place the strawberry basketballs on the CHIPS AHOY!
Cookies before placing them on the snacking board.

OREO Referees
Decorate a few OREO Cookies to resemble referees. Dip cookies halfway into melted
white baking chocolate, then place in a single layer on a parchment-covered baking sheet.
Use melted semi-sweet baking chocolate to draw stripes on tops of cookies as shown in
photo. Use white chocolate to attach 2 candy eyes to the top of each cookie. Decorate
cookies with sprinkles as shown in photo, using melted white chocolate to attach
sprinkles to cookies. Refrigerate 15 min. or until chocolate is firm. Place OREO
Referees on board just before serving.

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