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6 Fun Facts About the U.S. Navy

In honor of the United States Navy celebrating its 248th Birthday on October 13th I decided to share some interesting facts about this maritime branch of the military!

  1. The US Navy is the largest navy in the world!!!!
  2. According to the USO, Navy servicemen have to volunteer to be submariners because of the unique living conditions within the submarine.
  3. The Navy has its own code for ” well done,” which is  “Tare Victor George”, another interesting fact I learned from the USO website that you can learn more about here.
  4. According to The History Channel, George Washington is the father of the Navy! I had no idea!
  5. The Navy was demobilized after the Revolutionary War and then reinstated to fight off pirates, according to The History Channel; crazy, right?
  6. During World War II, six future presidents served in the Navy; learn which ones by clicking here.

Happy Birthday United States Navy!!!


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