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Happy Birthday, US Navy! Hooyah!

Today marks the 248th birthday of the US Navy. While there are many Navy Birthday Balls happening around the US, and tons of cakes being cut with the Oldest and Youngest Seamen in the room, we wanted to take the time to bring you a little history and remember all of those who have served and will serve in the United States Navy.

The Continental Navy was formed in 13 October 1775 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This date was adopted as the “Navy’s Birthday”, but many cities claim to be the birthplace of The Navy. Let’s just say it is more than historically accurate to say the Navy has many birthplaces and leave it at that.

There are many traditions that are honored on the Navy’s day of birth that include the cutting of the cake as mentioned above, the ringing of the bells, and the Birthday Message from the Chief of Naval Operations. The words from the acting CNO, Lisa Franchetti, can be read in 248th Navy Birthday Message from Acting CNO Franchetti.

We continue to look to the future to all the men and women that will serve on land, air, and sea with the US Navy and always show how much we appreciate everything they have done and will do. As a Navy Spouse, I know the sacrifices first hand of those who serve, and the sacrifices their families make. Today is a day we celebrate the Navy, and the life it has given us.

🎉Happy Birthday 🎉