Orange Mango ‘Mom’osa!

It’s finally here, everyone! The first day of school! I officially have a 6th grader and a kindergartener. EEP! Only a few tears shed (BY ME) at drop off. Whew! Now, I get to come home and relax! I’ll clean the house after because we all know how fast that chore is without little ones interrupting you all the time! HA! To help celebrate (or drown your sorrows, however you feel about the beginning of school) I whipped up these Orange Mango Mimosas! Also affectionately named, the ‘Mom’osa! 😉

Orange Mango Mimosa

  • Simply Orange with Mango juice
  • Frozen Mango chunks, 2 cups for about 2 mimosas
  • Your favorite Sparkling Wine (I used a sparkling moscato, it’s a little on the sweet side)
  • Grenadine, optional


This recipe is REALLY simple. Blend 2 cups of frozen mango chunks with 1-2 cups of Simply Orange with Mango juice. You want a smooth, creamy, pourable mixture. I was so excited about this drink, I forgot to take a picture of the blending! Fill your glasses about half full with the mango mixture. Add in a splash of grenadine, if desired. This is completely optional, but I think it’s pretty and adds a cherry sweetness to the mimosa.


Top with your favorite bubbles! You can use champagne, prosecco, or sparkling wine. I used a nice, on-the-sweet-side sparkling moscato. YUM!


Give it a swirl with a spoon and there you have it! So sweet, creamy, and bubbly! The mango adds a nice tang and the juice is, well, SIMPLY delicious.


Looks like a fruit smoothie! You can whip up the mango mixture and just add it to more orange juice if you want to treat the kiddos to a special back to school drink!  I’ll be whipping up a batch of these MOMosas Saturday morning to celebrate surviving our first week back to school! I guess I’ll call them mimosas and let the hubby in on this tasty drink!


As always, we ask you to please drink responsibly!

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