Preparing For Baby: Writing a Birth Plan

on baby #2 and if there is one thing I learned from my first delivery, my birth
plan was a MUST.  With my first pregnancy
I had a doula and she explained so much to me and really stressed how important
a birth plan can be.  No matter what
child you’re on there is always that stress of trying to remember everything
for you, your spouse and most importantly the baby! During labor, a birth plan
really eliminates a few stresses not only for you but those who are surrounding
you: husband, your parents and in-laws, nurses, friends, etc. 

you, it’ll help eliminate all the questions of what you may or may not want for
your birthing experience.  The more
questions that are covered prior to your birth experience the greater the chances
of being able to rest and focus on delivery. 

my experience,
I was very exhausted and had a very
long and hard natural labor, 30 + hours. My birth plan was able to communicate
with my husband and mother of what I wanted during my time at the hospital
which allowed me to rest. 

what do you include on a birth plan?  All
these items are optional, can be discussed with your healthcare provider and your
list can include anything you may want or may not want.

-Baby led latch


-Managing labor pain through breathing and other
techniques learned

-Do you want soft music playing

-Natural labor

-Limited visitation


-When your baby’s first bath will be

-Who’s allowed in the room

-Post delivery

-Immediate after birth care for your child

-Pictures or video allowed

– Immediate Skin-to-skin

-Wear your own clothes


If you’re unsure of anything, don’t be afraid to
ask your healthcare provider to explain something to you…that is what they are
there for.  Also, have more than one copy
ready to go well before it is time to give birth.  It’s always good to have one copy in your
hospital bag, give one to the nurses for your file so they are on the same page
and possibly one for the door/room. 


Take the time to write it, it’ll help keep you
accountable for your goals you may want. 
It’ll also help with stress levels and educate you before your child’s














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