She’s At That Age…

I was recently talking with some of my girlfriends and one of them brought up something her 18 month old was doing…trying to eat off other people’s plates.  It can be slightly amusing watching an 18 month old trying to ask for food from someone else because they are so darn cute at that age.  However, when you’re that mom and your child is at that age it can be slightly embarrassing.  For you first time moms out there…don’t worry it really happens to all of us!

When one of the other moms responded with “He’s at that age.” it struck me of how many times we say that phrase and it sounds some what negative, right?    My daughter is two and she’s at that age where she throws random tantrums, is starting to become a little sassy, really understands what no means and can really voice her opinion.  But you know what else?  She’s at that age where she knows how to love and help with her new baby brother.  She can go get diapers, wipes and blankets.  She’s at that age where she can help me cook dinner.  She’s at that age where her imagination comes to life.  She’s at that age where she can sit and tell you a story.  She’s at that age where laughter is endless and she wants to know everything.  She’s at that age where she can see happiness in your eyes.  She’s at that age where she is so tiny and precious and every day counts.

She may be “at that age” where she is under my feet when I’m trying to cook dinner, BUT she is “at that age” where she can do simple tasks in the kitchen and help me cook or bake.

Mommas, be encouraging with your words.  I’ve been blessed by other moms who have said something small and it has changed the way I think and made me more appreciative of my child. Don’t let the negative out weigh the positive.  Remember, our babies go through different seasons just like you and I do.  Uplift your fellow mom and say, “He may be at that age where he is trying to eat off other people’s plates, but he is also at that age where he is using his manners and saying please and thank you.”


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