Holiday vacation started a bit earlier for us this year than it normally does. We usually work up until the week before Christmas, and then take about three weeks off, just to de-stress and let off some steam. Instead, we have pretty much taken the entire month of December off. Our home school review was […]

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Week 3

The League of Pensioners is stunned to learned that they will not be put into the same prison. They thought they would be sent to a prison where they could spend their time together, and laugh about the crime committed, before being released to go back and get their money. As they adjust to their […]

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Week 2

With their first heist not garnering as much money as they hoped, the League of Pensioners take to a bigger heist. This one is going to be one for the books. They are going to rob the museum of a few priceless paintings. Martha and Brains have done their homework on getting the right paintings […]

Capture Those PCS Memories with This Crafty DIY!

I began keeping newspapers from every country I visited when my family was stationed in Vilseck, Germany. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them but I knew I wanted a piece of the culture, a piece of history, and a sample of their language to remember my time there. I had accumulated […]

Spiral into Spring with this EASY DIY Tie Dye!

Spring has officially begun as of March 20! Here in Georgia I’ve got my flowers planted, my bird feeders are full, and we spend our afternoons outside in the warm southern sunshine. I’ve never been happier to see winter go! My jackets and boots are put away, I’ve got all of my spring decor out, and […]