Simple DIY Birch Tree Canvas

My whole house is decked out with paintings and photographs of trees – both my husband and I love the woodsy feel to it and I think seeing the beauty of nature all throughout my home helps me to relax as well. Call me cooky but yeah, I’m a tree hugger. Like, literally. I love […]

Cardboard+Tshirt+Hangers = Cat House! Easy DIY

If you’ve got cats of your own then you may very well know that they take over everything. Left a shirt out on the floor? They’re laying on it. Set a box on the counter? They’re sleeping in it. Set a grocery bag to the side? They’re investigating it! I have found my little fur balls […]

DIY Crochet Dishrag

  Hello DIY-selfers and crafters! Every now and again I try to find something different to give someone as a house warming gift. There are only so many food baskets or cleaning buckets you can put together before they get boring and predictable. Everyone has a different style, and trying to find those perfect go-to’s can […]

Classy DIY Cat Collars For Under $5!

Yeah, that’s my Bruno Baby. <3 How handsome is he!? I have two fur children but Bruno was my first and is dearest to my heart. I guess you can say he is somewhat of a therapy cat… The locals here in NY refer to this thing called “seasonal depression” because of poor weather over […]

Valentine’s Day Card Pouches

The day is getting closer! I know only a few days into February and we are already rushing into Valentine’s Day! But you know how much I enjoy it so I’m excited about today’s MMSCraft! The kids can definitely help with this craft and I think they enjoyed it a little too much! Instead of sending […]