Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint Happy Summer, fans! In the midst of cooking for bbq’s and potlucks, it has been the same type of foods lately. Hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salads, yummy fresh fruit. Don’t get me wrong, it is all really good, and spending that time with family and friends has been amazing, but I […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintSUMMER IS HERE! I can stay that right? We are only a couple weeks away from Memorial Day! Pools are opening up soon, beach vacations are getting planned, it’s glorious! My kids are totally ready for the last day of school, it’s getting harder and harder to get them out of bed in the […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint PEPSI hooks us up again!!! This recipe is perfect for Taco Tuesday!! This taco tuesday we are having our traditional tacos but having these delicious tostones on the side! Super easy to make, and Chimichurri will keep refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks, so we can enjoy them again next week! […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint So my entire Facebook feed is filled with new years resolution plans, new diet and lifestyle changes. As much as I want to make these changes for myself, I am the kind of person that falls off the band wagon……a lot. So, it’s baby steps for me! I already cut the sodas and […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint YA’LL!! Seriously! This is a skip the take out and make these type of recipes! I’ve tried so so many different wing recipes, some are great, some not so much. AND SOOOME, are perfect keepers!!! This is one of those keepers! This recipe is brought to you by PEPSI and Nick Mangold! Forgo the regular dinner […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint Picture this….it’s been a long day, you have no idea what to cook for dinner and Chinese food sounds amazing right now. So you look and look for that takeout menu and start scanning the options, counting in your head how much it would cost, plus delivery, plus tip. UGH, are you at […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint ‘Tis the season for BAKING! I am gearing up to make some yummy desserts for the company holiday party and came across this beauty. I usually bake tons of cookies, some cupcakes and maybe some chex mix of some sort but I really wanted to change it up for this holiday party. I […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint It’s the holiday season! It’s time to break out the recipe books/cards, shop for all the fixings and get to cooking and baking! This year though, we are a little tired of the same things so I have been on the hunt for some new recipes to add for future years! PEPSI does it […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintFall is an awesome time of year  for a lot of our favorite veggies. Eating them the same way time and time again can get really boring! Trying new recipes can be risky, especially when you are trying to maintain a slightly healthier diet. When I stumbled across this recipe from Pepsi, I knew […]