Pet Wellness Clinic – Low Cost Treatments April 6th

Vaccinations for pets can get very expensive and every little bit can help. If you have pets that need vaccinations, then this is an event that you’re going to want to attend, Fort Hood! Here are the details: Pet wellness clinic April 6th 9am-3pm Shangri-paw, 104 E Veterans Memorial Blvd., Harker heights, TX Need shots? Wellness […]

“Saving one pet won’t change the world, but for that one pet, the world will change forever!” – Unknown Are you looking for a furry friend, or are you looking for a loyal companion for your family? Fayetteville Animal Protection Society (FAPS) will be joining in with North Shore Animal League for the 2019 Tour […]

Bunnicula – Week 2

Chester and Harold are set on trying to figure out what is going on with the new pet. Chester tells Harold that the bunny got out of his cage without opening the door, and managed to get into the fridge. But what he was looking for is anyone’s guess. It is not until the family […]

Bunnicula – Week 1

Alright kiddos, its time to grab those books and prepare for some fun and delightful reading!! We are enjoying this book here so far, and my boys are hooked!! Told from the perspective of a cat and dog, we are in for howl-ific fun!! The Monroe family are not your normal pet family people. They […]

Cardboard+Tshirt+Hangers = Cat House! Easy DIY

If you’ve got cats of your own then you may very well know that they take over everything. Left a shirt out on the floor? They’re laying on it. Set a box on the counter? They’re sleeping in it. Set a grocery bag to the side? They’re investigating it! I have found my little fur balls […]