Lime Paloma

Happy Weekend! It is time to celebrate another My Happy Hour Cafe here at My Military Savings. Weekends are one of our favorite moments to celebrate, and this week we have an exciting recipe for you to party hardy with! August brings its own surprises and crazy. This weekend relax and enjoy!  This Lime Paloma […]

Ketel One Vodka Soda

The weekend sun is smiling on us again! With the kiddos being out of school, all of the days are running together! I am never exactly sure what day we are on – until Friday rolls around! Friday sings its own song and marches to a different beat. They are simply one of the best […]

el Jimador Premium Margarita

If you are not singing “It’s 5:00 somewhere,” you are doing Friday wrong! There are so many reasons to love the weekend! In theory, we can sleep in, get all of our errands done, clean the house, and still have time for anything that pops up in between. Of course, real life is much different. […]

Finlandia Raspberry Lemonade

Happy FRIDAY!! Does anyone else love Friday as much as I do!?? Friday nights are for relaxation, fun with family and friends and of course, our favorite beverages! This week I decided to go with a new recipe. I had never tried the Finlandia Raspberry Vodka, but I love just about everything raspberry! When I […]

Livin’ Vanilla Loco!

Happy Hour is finally here!! Friday has once again graced us with its presence, and now is the time to sit back, relax, and soak up the weekend! I don’t know about ya’ll, but this week was CRAZY! There are times that the days seem never ending, and then you blink and time has flown […]