Okay – so I used to think allergy season was just that, a “season.”  However, I have come to the realization that in my house, allergies are year round. We dread cedar the most, but mold, elm, and oak all somehow make my family miserable as well. Luckily, my family always turns to what we trust, […]

Say Goodbye to Allergies with Benadryl

Allergy season is heating up again! With the changes in the air and the different pollens and leaves that we are coming across, life can get pretty miserable. Not being able to breathe, face feeling itchy, and the many different symptoms that go along with allergy season – why suffer? Benadryl is here to save […]

A Force to be Reckoned With

Zyrtec® Allergy 24 Hour 10mg Tablets in a 30 ct. bottle for $12.70 available at your local Defense Agency Commissary. Price is effective from 9/01/17  until  9/30/17. With Autumn weather comes those seasonal allergies, at least for me it does.  I love how Zyrtec® helps me control the symptoms and side effects of having allergies.  I […]