The Breast Feeding Shop and Tricare have GREAT news for YOU!

If you have made the decision to breast feed, congratulations! There are some great benefits to breastfeeding! Doctors say that if you can breastfeed your child at least one year, you can help the development of your child’s brain, and also help their immune system. Antibodies that you are creating are passed through the milk to your child.  If you can breastfeed longer, great! If not, that’s okay too! Breastfeeding is also a great way to get some extra cuddles in, and bond with your new little love.

Setting yourself up to succeed from the beginning is just part of it. There are tons of support groups out there. But through The Breastfeeding Shop and Tricare, you can get a breast pump FREE!! Having a breast pump is amazing, and there are some great benefits to having one! It can help keep your milk supply up, relieve pressure during feedings, AND allow you to lay up a store of milk for those just in case moments.

Are you ready to get started in getting your own breast pump? Let me share with you how easy it really is! There are four simple steps that you need to follow, and THREE of them can be done while you are comfortable at home. Here are the four easy steps for you to follow:

  1. A prescription from your doctor
  2. Fill the information out online and add your insurance info
  3. Select the model that is perfect for you
  4. Wait for it to arrive at your door

It is covered 100%, so there is no cost to you! If you are stationed overseas, you can also get your pump and needed accessories shipped to you. This is not limited to just the mainland. They also ship quickly, so you will not be waiting for weeks without your pump.

Talk to your doctor today! They can also give you some great information on breastfeeding, and help to get you started on an amazing journey!

Follow this link to get your new pump today: