Good day Dear Readers! What a spring we are having! Its about time for the seasons in readings to change too. Have you started the reading change yet? Every year, I go through a spurts or “seasons” of reading. I tend to dive head first when it comes to subjects, so I will read 8 […]

The League of Pensioners is not quite ready to call it quits just yet. You would think that being in prison, and finding that it is not as much fun as they hoped it would be, might deter them from committing future crimes. All it does however, is fuel their desire to commit even better […]

Alec is determined to find a way to race the Black. He knows that he can win, but without the proper paperwork, there is nothing that he can do. Or so he thought! His friend, Joe brings another newspaperman with him to see the Black run at night. The write up that the Black gets […]

Every body has a little bit of nerd in them, whether you want to admit it or not. We all have our certain items that we can ‘geek out’ or ‘nerd’ over. Books just happen to be mine. If I am anywhere near a bookstore, I can sense it, and I HAVE to visit, even […]

The League of Pensioners is stunned to learned that they will not be put into the same prison. They thought they would be sent to a prison where they could spend their time together, and laugh about the crime committed, before being released to go back and get their money. As they adjust to their […]

Alec is adjusting to being back home. He is dividing his time between school, chores, and spending time with the Black. Henry, the man who is letting Alec board the Black at his barn, has a plan for the horse. He is sure that he can get him ready for racing, and he has some […]

MMS May Book Club Choices!

It is hard to believe that its time to announce those new reads! Time is flying by, and our list of exciting adventures is growing. If you have not looked over the list of what we have done, you can see it here. But why stop when our adventures are just getting better and better!?? […]

The fire that started out as devastating, has actually saved Alec’s life! A passing ship saw the flames and investigated, only to find a young boy running toward them. After their shock has worn off, and they have heard his story, they are ready to load him up on the ship and set sail again. […]

With their first heist not garnering as much money as they hoped, the League of Pensioners take to a bigger heist. This one is going to be one for the books. They are going to rob the museum of a few priceless paintings. Martha and Brains have done their homework on getting the right paintings […]

International Children’s book day is celebrated on April 2 every year! This is such a great opportunity to step outside the normal book zone that we have and look at what some of the fairy tales and other beloved children’s tales from around the world. Here are some ideas for activities: invite parents from other […]