Hello dear readers!! I am super excited to bring you this  new author interview! I first connected with Camille through a book group on Facebook, and we hit it off! I have enjoyed getting to know her. She is one of my favorite authors. I have read her first book three times and it feels […]

October is approaching and I am so excited to get some spooky and scary reads on the go! I have been stacking my reading list with scary stories to read through the month.  I love to find the ones that scare you so silly that you feel like you need so sleep with the lights […]

Mary is doing her best to return to normal life. While she has been banned from cooking, she has to find something else to do to earn money. She gets a job in a laundry, washing and pressing clothes to pay for her room and board. Trying to find a better place to live, she […]

Little Bear is recovering from his wounds, and Omri is worried about his friend. But they are trying to decide how to help Little Bear’s village from being completely overrun by the soldiers attacking it. Patrick wants to send soldiers from the future back to help, but Omri is not sure that its a really […]

September is such a wonderful month! There are some great things happening around us, and the leaves are starting to change! I take this as my cue to curl up with books more often, and spend time inside where I can binge my way through many of the new books that were released over the […]

Mary must sit through a trial, which would determine whether or not she is going to be allowed to leave the island of North Brother. While she hopes and waits, each doctor seems to have their own theory, their own ideas of whether or not she is dangerous. But as time drags on, Mary is […]

Omri knows that he is going to need Patrick’s help if he is going to help Little Bear. Making a snap decision, he heads over to his old neighborhood where Patrick’s aunt lives. Patrick does not seem happy to see him, which Omri finds odd, since they were the best of friends. But soon Omri […]

Alright kids, the magic is fixing to start again! We read the first book a few months ago, and everyone loved it! Now we are going to start a new adventure with Omri! This one is just as exciting! Grab your books and lets get started! Omri’s family has moved to a new home. He […]

Alright dear readers, we are about to embark upon a new journey. This one is going to take us to the city of New York, and the case of the person known as Typhoid Mary. I have enjoyed reading this book, and I am hoping that it will be one that you will find enjoyable […]

As we wrap up our exciting journey, hold on! This section is going to speed up, and all your questions are going to be answered! This last section held me in thrall, I could NOT stop reading until I had completely gotten through every last word that bound within the pages. We are going to […]