Jane has been proclaimed the Queen of England, by her father in law. John Dudley is the most powerful man in the country at this point. The only problem is – the people of England do not want her as their queen. Many view the Princess Mary as the rightful heir to her brothers throne, […]

Mary Surratt is on trial for her life. She has been charged, along with six others, for the murder of the President. With the trial being held in military court, she is hoping for leniency. With the mastermind of the plan on the run, there is no one to really say whether she knew or […]

The nation has been rocked by the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. For the boarders in the house on H Street, their nightmare is just beginning. It all begins with the ring of a doorbell, and a lot of questions, but it ends with them all being arrested and taken into custody until they can […]

Jane knows that it is just a matter of time. When it finally happens, and her marriage is arranged, she is crushed. She does not like the young man who her father has betrothed her too. Guildford Dudley is the son of the most powerful man in the kingdom. John Dudley is the adviser to […]

Good evening dear readers! Every now and again we like to share something different with you. Finding a good series and a book that just draws you in at times, can be hard to do. Every now and again a great book literally falls into your lap! You know those books, the ones that as […]

Good day dear readers! What a month we have had! Most people are getting slammed by snow (I am watching the snow fall as I type), and this winter has been anything but normal. This means it is perfect weather to sit and curl up with some great reads! We are journeying through some fun […]

Things in Washington are getting very sticky. Johnny and John Wilkes Booth are in and out with all sorts of plans, and the entire boarding house knows that something is going on, but to what extent they are informed varies. While they continue in their daily lives, each of them get news that will upset […]

Life for the Grey family revolves around the upper crust of England. One of the most enjoyed activities is hunting, which Lady Jane detests. In fact, she dislikes most of what her family does. In a lake of swans, she feels like the ugly duckling. What she wants most, is to be left alone, to […]

We all had those favorite books as kids. The ones that we could read over and over and never get tired of. Recently, while I was teaching a class, I was telling some of my students about a few of the books that I read as a kid that inspired a lifelong interest. While I […]

Lady Jane Grey is no ordinary person. She is of royal blood. But she shares none of the grand schemes and plans that her parents and siblings have. She wants a simple existence. Preferring to read and study above anything else, she falls victim to her parents anger more often than not. Ned has to […]