The French army is ready to attack! With the battle imminent, all forces throughout the kingdom are scrambling to ensure that they are ready. The French are assured of their victory, knowing they outnumber the armies from all the kingdoms. But there is something that they have not counted on, and something that even the […]

The Curse of the Pharaohs – Week 4

Mr. Milverton, also known as the new Lord Baskerville, is recovering nicely under the care of a nun, and a couple of devoted guards. With the case moving slowly, Radcliffe and Amelia have placed the names of those who they feel to be responsible in an envelope inside a table. As the dig moves forward […]

  Good day readers!! I cannot wait to share this book review with you! I was wanting something different, a little out of the norm. When I was offered this book to read, I was excited! I could not wait to dive in and try something new. This book had me up late reading! I […]

The Grande Armee has overthrown the Pinocchio Prison, and one of the prisoners, the Masked Man, has offered his services to the General. He knows that in order to overthrow the Fairy Government they will need a dragon. He is doing his best to stay in the good graces of the General who wants to […]

Mr. Milverton has divulged a huge secret to Amelia. This secret could be the change of everything, and yet, it still raises so many questions. If he is the true heir of the late Lord Baskerville, then he has quite the motive for wanting his uncle out of the way. Amelia still thinks the missing […]

Its National GET CAUGHT READING month!! These are the fun ones that I love! Diving into some great books, and in some fantastic locations as well!! I enjoy reading, no matter where I am! I hauled books from the USA to Israel several years ago, so that I would have something to read in the […]

Summer weather is in full swing, and those hot summer afternoons are just begging for some reading time. Grab some fun books and lets kick back for some grand new adventures! Don’t forget the grand journeys we are on right now! Adults are going to dive into the fabulous Welsh series by Sharon Kay Penman […]

Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Week 2

The Land of Stories is fixing to get a rude wake up call!! Are you ready for this weeks grand adventure? Conner has been trying to reach his sister, and has been unsuccessful. He has missed all the outings and great food that his fellow students and teacher are enjoying. When he finally manages to […]

The Curse of the Pharaohs – Week 2

As the dig begins to progress, Amelia knows that it is going to be an interesting season. There has been a sighting of a white robed figure, and there have been shrieking noises heard as well. Factor in a beautiful widow, who is determined to cast her charms on Professor Emerson, it is sure to […]

I went to the library today.. which was a REALLY BAD IDEA. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the library. We go at least once a week and spend the afternoon. There are so many awesome books out, and I grabbed TEN new ones, all the while forgetting the 12 books I already have sitting […]