With the voyage underway, Amanda, Jemmy and Meg are beginning to learn the names of those who are on board. While the ships sail through the ocean, the children spend a lot of time on deck when the weather is nice. When the weather is bad, they are below the ship in the hold, where […]

Good day dear readers. The end of the year is coming up fast! It is hard to see this year coming to such a rapid ending so quickly! I was just getting used to writing 2017 on everything, and now I need to start working on 2018! Crazy!! As we work through our exciting adventures […]

Good day dear readers! The court in Egypt is about to find themselves in major upset! Palace intrigue, fear of assassination, and more await you in this weeks section! Grab your books and lets get ready to see where the adventures are going to take us this week!   The court of the young pharaoh […]

Amanda has decided to ask Mrs. Trippett for the money that her mother had. When their father left for America, he had sold their house, and so the money was kept in a small pouch, to pay for their passage to America when he was ready for them. As she gathers the courage to ask, […]

Good day dear readers. We are about to dive into our next read, and what an adventure we have in store! We are going to be adventuring in Ancient Egypt, while the new Pharaoh (king) and his queen turn Egypt upside down. I hope that ya’ll will enjoy this new journey. Be prepared for many […]

Alright kiddos! It is time to dive into a new adventure! This one is a little different from some of the ones that we have done before, but its a cute little story! I hope that ya’ll will enjoy the read.   Amanda and her two siblings live with their mother in the large house […]

Chilly weather is on its way in, and the time that we are spending outdoors is becoming more and more limited. This means we have more time for reading!  I have been working with my boys in developing their reading skills through this school year, and while my oldest is more comfortable with the books, […]

Sunday is the day that is used in my house to relax. We get ready for the upcoming week, prep the laundry, and of course, I steal reading time. Lets be honest, I am going to find time to read no matter what.. but lately it has been extremely busy. Kids activities, community activities that […]

Oh my readers… HANG ON! It’s about to get a little crazy over here! Find yourself the time to sit and finish this out, because once you start, you will NOT be able to stop!! Are you ready!? Let’s dive in!   Paul is working on the last of his novel, and contemplating how to […]

Chester seems to be on his best behavior. After being kicked outside for causing a scene, he has miraculously reformed and left the bunny alone. At least, that is what he wants everyone to think. Harold begins to suspect that something is wrong when there are no new vegetables being found without their colors in […]