July is blowing through like a furnace here! It is a perfect opportunity to take some time in the afternoon and cool off while reading a great book!! I have loved the quiet bits of the afternoon when the kids are both reading, and time seems to slow down for a while. But of course, […]

Ryan Evans has gone from concerned father to murder suspect. He has not helped himself either by holding the five people in the room hostage while he makes his escape. However, people under emotional pressure do not always make the best decisions. But now he must elude not only the local police, but the FBI. […]

Allie and Dub have attempted to make friends with LJ, but so far they have been unsuccessful. Allie wonders what is going on out at the Cutler Farm, but the hostile nature of LJ’s dad makes them wary of wanting to go back to try and visit again. However, she made a promise, so they […]

Alrighty then dear readers. I have a new book review for you!! I definitely need to put an age restriction on this one (lots of adult themes and language).. 21 and older please  🙂 But it was a good read, and one that took me just about four hours to read through (that includes the […]

When Ryan returned home from his most recent deployment, he walked right into a war zone beyond anything he had encountered before. His wife, in another one of her affairs, has decided that she no longer wants to be married. Their daughter as well wants nothing to do with him. The betrayal by his family […]

With Mr. Henry out of town for a couple of weeks, Allie is taking care of his dog Hoover. But she has been getting some strange dreams, and the ghost is setting off her brothers allergies. As she and her friend Dub work through the possibilities, she realizes that the ghost must be a dog! […]

Oh my readers! What a fantastic book this was! I was not aware that it was to be made into a movie, (does that tell you that my movie choices revolve around kids?) but when reading this book, I could see where the idea was born, and what it meant when it said it was […]

Good day dear readers! This book is going to start off with a bang, and keep the momentum right on going. Prepare for fast paced and engaging. I hope that ya’ll will enjoy this read!! I have not read this before, so its going to be a new and exciting adventure for all!!   Ryan […]

Allie Nichols is not quite ready for school to end for the year, but summer looms anyway. She is excited to keep Mr. Henry’s dog for a coupe of weeks while he is out of town, and even to make some healthy dog bones for Hoover to eat. But as they wind down the last […]

Oh my readers, what a treat I have for you with this book!! But I have super exciting news for you too… a GIVEAWAY!! I have a copy of this book that I will be sending to one of you! Just tell me your favorite thing about Thomas Jefferson! Get ready for an enchanting, captivating, […]